from by Late Phases



a thin layer of dust
sits on my memories
i breathed it in too deep
and now it coats my lungs
now every breath feels like the last one
my heart keeps time in this repetition

everything you ever loved and ever lost
fits into the palm print in cracked concrete
outside of the house that we grew up in
it's still pulling at your feet

i remember water towers
perched on rooftops
filling me up with hope
until i started to choke
but i don't remember
when i became such a burden on myself
for you it's been since birth
because i've ruined dreams
and all because
this bullshit image of a family came clean

i can feel my heart
turning upside down
in a sad attempt
to pour the sickness out

i told you so,
i am poison in the water


from disconnect, released December 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Late Phases El Paso, Texas

Brown rockers from El Paso, Tx.

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