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released December 3, 2016



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Late Phases El Paso, Texas

Brown rockers from El Paso, Tx.

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Track Name: Ceilings
i tried to leave this place behind a little too quickly
now i'm trapped in it
and to kill this sickness means
rebuilding a burned down house
with its same bricks
familiarity is a dangerous gimmick
but i'll settle in
and pull the covers over my head
to try and recognize my own breathing

oh, how strange it is to touch
the ceilings of places where we were used up

this weight just sticks to me
like sweat-soaked sheets
after waking up
from screaming in my sleep
i was so eager to
be rid of all this negativity
i didn't stop to think
that it might have been good for me
with my eyes watering
i'm pulling out hope
as i untie the knot
in the back of my throat

oh, how strange it is to touch
the ceilings of places where we were used up
this vacancy sign just won't go away
this shell is a home but it wants to be empty

with my two hands
i'll do the best i can
and i've learned to accept existing
without forgiveness
from my body
Track Name: Boyhood
a thin layer of dust
sits on my memories
i breathed it in too deep
and now it coats my lungs
now every breath feels like the last one
my heart keeps time in this repetition

everything you ever loved and ever lost
fits into the palm print in cracked concrete
outside of the house that we grew up in
it's still pulling at your feet

i remember water towers
perched on rooftops
filling me up with hope
until i started to choke
but i don't remember
when i became such a burden on myself
for you it's been since birth
because i've ruined dreams
and all because
this bullshit image of a family came clean

i can feel my heart
turning upside down
in a sad attempt
to pour the sickness out

i told you so,
i am poison in the water
Track Name: Disconnect
we were just little kids
you buried lies under our skin
now their roots have spread
with the thought that we're worthless

i'm not sure
what this disconnect between
my skin and my tongue means
it feels like a wall that's dividing me

i can feel your eyes
tearing apart my skin to find those lies
but i guarantee that you won't find them
because i am filled with pride
and it won't falter when i hear those things you hide inside
but the world must feel brighter
with pale armor

we're a darker shade of the earth
but that doesn't make us dirt